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The HRLF Non-Profit Consortium focuses on the non-profit sector.  Subscribe today to receive updates and program information from this member group. 

The Non-Profit Consortium group is intended for HR practitioners at executive or leadership roles – Director level and above. No solicitation opportunity.

Reasons to subscribe to the HRLF Non-Profit Consortium Group:

C  To be the non-profit HR executives’ premier networking and professional forum

C  To offer a working group that creates sustainable and long-term strategic solutions for issues that are unique to non-profit HR challenges

C  To offer a medium for information gathering and exchange provided by a council of experts targeted to address non-profit topics

C  To create an online portal that is designed as a library of knowledge for HRLF non-profit consortium members; and

C  To provide different venues to address the non-profit community’s most pressing issues (seminars, round-table discussion, monthly conference calls)

Non-Profit Consortium Group Leaders

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