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The HR Leadership Forum of Greater Washington (HRLF) is a unique organization comprised of senior HR professionals, learning organization executives and organizational leaders responsible for managing human talent. As organizational thought leaders and decision makers, they are influential in and share responsibility for the strategic human resource decisions made around the executive table whether that table resides in a corporate, not-for-profit, government or academic setting. Serving as a sponsor of HRLF will deliver an increased level of visibility to your organization.

Today's sales environment requires heavy lifting into the thought leadership and social media space. As an HRLF sponsor, you have a unique opportunity to become a partner, innovator, influencer, and a solutions provider to an elite group of human resource professionals who are otherwise quite often difficult to reach. Through HRLF's strategic use of social media platforms, messaging and contacts with the HRLF membership, you gain a competitive edge and the attention you seek from high level decision makers.

For the current program year, HRLF sponsorship has even more exciting opportunities to utilize popular social media platforms. Our goal is to create engaging and timely opportunities for our sponsors to tell their unique story and their value proposition to the membership. We invite you, as an HRLF sponsor to take your own place at the table as a regional marketplace provider who play a vital role in shaping the thought leadership alongside the HRLF membership.



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