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HRLF Testimonials

"Helpful to look at it (DEIB panel) in a different way, and understanding the complexities of diversity and approaches to tearing down those barriers. I liked the matrix. And I find that tying the ROI to diversity is really important." - Camile Leverett, Water Environmental Federation

"Love the networking. And it’s always good to hear the practical application to problems. The human side of HR makes it hard. So what we learned was how to make it less hard. Looking at simple practical ways that we can implement more DEIB strategies that will be sustainable and transparent." - Andrea Grant, HRCI

"I enjoyed the DEIB panel torment and the ability for the people in the audience to ask questions that really apply what they were doing in their organization, and be able to apply it in real time. I liked the tips and techniques for how to increase sourcing, have a more diverse workforce, and track, retain and matrix." - Sabrina Shroff, U.S. News & World Report

"The DEIB panel gave us such a unique perspective on what small and large companies are doing to be more inclusive. And they gave us some really specific tactical advice." - Ellen Grealish, Flex Professionals

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