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HRLF Program: December - Speaker: Rita Trehan

  • Friday, December 05, 2014
  • 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Noblis, 3150 Fairview Park Dr. South, Falls Church, VA 22042


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Speaker: Rita Trehan

Program Information

Human Resources departments around the world are some of the most talented, hard-working individuals in the business world. They create cutting-edge tools for their practices and work diligently to create value for the clients they support. But they also suffer quite the PR problem, with many CEOs and executives relegating them to mere process delivery, shutting them out of important meetings. What they need is a key to that closed door, and that key is capacity. By viewing all decisions through the building and increase of corporate capabilities and market readiness for their business along with the development of strong business acumen to carry their vision through to fruitful reality, capacity is the key that will unlock the door to respect, a higher profile within the company and a chance at having that all-important seat at the table. Capacity is the way to bring HR from the back room to the board room and beyond.   

About the Speaker:

Rita Trehan has made a career of business transformation within Fortune 200 companies. As a global HR leader at Honeywell and AES Corporation., she helped rethink how business got done. From more profitable ways to launch business units around the world to inspired ways of measuring performance, she has consistently created more strategic solutions in less time by focusing on business results. Today, she helps organizations both large and small continue to innovate their approach to HR and business decision-making through her Capacity Framework, and improving their performance, effectiveness and returns. Her book, Capacity-Driven Business: HR for the 21st Century, is set to publish shortly. She currently divides her time as the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of onXis as well as Advisor and Board Member for Volo while simultaneously managing her growing consulting practice. 

Registration Time: 08:00am

Start Time: 08:15am-10:30am

Location: Noblis, 3150 Fairview Park Dr. South

Falls Church, VA 22042

Tentative Program Schedule: 

Registration Time: 08:00 am
Program Welcome (Networking Breakfast): 08:15 am
Program Starts: 08:30 am
Program Concludes: 10:00 am
Informal Conversation time with speakers - 10:00 am-10:30 am

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